Scripture and Art

Script Yours is a scripture-inspired mobile art ministry that brings art workshops to you.

Embellish your home with beautiful pieces you create inspired by the words of the Creator. 







How it Works

1. Select Your Workshop Date, Time, & Location

You select an available date and request it online. You include your guest list information so we can send guests the workshop details.

2. Select Your Perfect Workshop Collection

Each collection includes at least three project options for you and your guests to select for your workshop.

3. You and Your Guests Select Your Projects

Once your date is set, you and your guests select your individual projects from the chosen collection.

As Featured in

Select a Project

Perfect for a retreat, a girls night out, small group activity, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, and even a date with your love. 

Monogram Board

Design and create a unique monogram board to display in your home.

Welcome Porch Board

The perfect piece to welcome your family and friends.

Word Wood Board

Include a preselected scripture, hymn, or song lyric to cultivate inspiration.

Wood Burned Boards

Choose a preselected scripture to create on a wood board.

Scroll Paper Signs

Butcher paper displayed with beautiful words and beautiful script.

Calligraphy Classes

Learn how to do beautiful calligraphy and freehand script.

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